About the Brand, Mood and Philosphy

We take outstanding quality juice and add a dash of Italian romance to create memory evoking wines close to Italy’s beating heart.

Our brand

Romio is a range of premium quality wines from Caviro. We are the leading Italian cooperative collaborating with a library of growers from all over Italy. By featuring both indigenous Italian varietals and naturalised international grapes, our wines are the best expressions of the culmination of history and wine-making heritage.

For our prestigious Romio range, we work in committed partnership with a small number of exclusive wineries, who use knowledge honed by generations gone by to inform our modern day processes. Our expertise means we can control and track every step of the process from the vine to your glass, ensuring that every bottle is a work of art.


For millennia, Italy has been an influential epicentre of culture and lifestyle that has resonated throughout the world. Itay is known for its elegance and fashion, its rich history, renaissance high-society art, and, most importantly, its life-forces of food and wine.

For Italians, wine is more important today than ever. Not only is it a link to our heritage and traditions, it is our passion and pride to see our contemporary Italian winemakers sharing their products on the global market.

Our Philosophy

Since Caviro began as a farming cooperative in 1966, our mission has been to bring the greatest possible value to the grapes our growers produce. Our core values are reliable quality, minimised environmental impact, and responsibility. As industry leader, we have continually developed to create our integrated supply chain- from vineyard, to bottling, to you, and all the steps in between.

Aligned with this philosophy, we are proud today to represent Italy on the global stage. In cooperation with our distribution partners, we export an extensive range of Italian wines both off-trade and on-trade to over 70 countries. We encourage growers to produce varieties that appeal to the global markets; we nurture strong production and distribution partnerships; we constantly innovate with regards to products and processes.

The recipe for a Happy Life

Italians know that the recipe for a happy life is family, good food, and good wine, and this is a secret we are happy to share!